What (else) we learned from the Dallas Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went to bat for coach Jason Garrett on Saturday, but that wasn't the only news coming out of training camp.

Some other takeaways from the coach and owner's opening news conference in Oxnard, Calif.:

Tony Romo is getting there

Garrett said the quarterback "looks great" and added that the team will monitor Romo's throwing as he recovers from offseason surgery to remove a cyst from his back.

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"He's been throwing regularly for the last month or so, and he feels good," Garrett said, "but we'll certainly watch that as camp starts and make sure he's getting the right pitch count as we go."

Garrett then clarified that Romo actually won't be on a throw count.

"It's more communication, 'How you feeling?' And you also look at the ball. Does the ball look a little dead or tired?" Garrett said. "But mostly it's communication with him and how he's feeling. We'll all get a sense for that and communicate about that really each and every day and come up with a plan."

Garrett believes Cowboys had to get younger

Just 17 of the Cowboys' 90 players were in Dallas when Garrett took over as coach in 2011. Garrett said change was necessary: "We had to get younger. Sometimes as an organization, you get to the point where you feel like you're close and you make some individual decisions that you think will help you get over the top. And we had done that and we had gotten close, but then we had to bring it all back down."

Garrett has big plans for running game

Garrett said the Cowboys have to run the ball better, and more. He said the team made a "huge emphasis" on it in the offseason.

"When you run the ball well, so many things open up for you," Garrett said. "It's amazing how when you run the ball well, the opportunities to throw the ball will present themselves, and the opportunity to play better defense present themselves. You're better in the red zone. You tend to take care of the ball better."

Garrett is totally cool with not calling plays

"I think it will just give you a practical opportunity to kind of step away from the offense a little bit."

Whatever you say, coach.

Jerrah sees football in L.A.

Jones was born in California and has put his team's summer camp there for the past few years. He was asked if the NFL is close to returning to Los Angeles.

"Closer than ever," Jones replied. " ... I think we're closer, and I say that not just wishing, I say that technically because I'm aware of some things that are happening that make sense."

Jerrah bringin' the intrigue on a beautiful Saturday in SoCal.

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