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Steelers' Mike Adams testifies about night he was stabbed

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Three Pittsburgh men accused of trying to steal the truck of Steelers tackle Mike Adams -- with Adams getting stabbed in the process -- will stand trial, a judge ruled Thursday, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

But the hearing also grabbed attention for when Adams testified about what happened to him on June 1, changing several details from how they initially had been described by police.

Adams testified against the three men charged, The Associated Press reported: Michael Paranay, 25, and Dquay Means and Jerrell Whitlock, both 26. 

In the original criminal complaint, police wrote that Adams had eaten a the Cambod-Ican restaurant and then walked to his Ford F-150 Raptor truck when three men confronted him, demanding his truck. One man punched him and another stabbed him, the Post-Gazette reported.

In court, Adams' story was somewhat different. Adams said he had spent about three hours at Local Bar & Kitchen before going to a Jimmy John's shop to get a sandwich. Though he didn't have his truck keys, Adams got in by using a keypad on the driver's side. While eating, the men confronted him, the Post-Gazette reported.

Paranay jumped up and down on a step on the side of his truck, Adams recalled in court, and Whitlock said, "Let me kill him," the Post-Gazette reported. Means pulled a gun out of his pocket but did not raise it higher than his hip, according to the Post-Gazette. Whitlock stabbed Adams, but Adams didn't realize it until someone else pointed out the wound.



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