Maurice Jones-Drew details fantasy football insanity

  • By Kevin Patra
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How far would you go to win your fantasy league? It can be a loaded question for some fans whose penchant for sabotage and chicanery are unsurpassed.

While most of the deception to get a win is sophomoric fun, what if you actually could influence the outcome of games?

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is an avid fantasy football player who drafts himself in most leagues. He relayed an anecdote to SiriusXM Radio on Wednesday, describing a situation when a moral conundrum stirred between fantasy and reality:

"Greg Jones -- see he's not on the team anymore -- perfect example: I was playing against him (in fantasy)," MJD said, per "And we have our equipment guys keep us up on (the fantasy scores) during games. You know who you have and you see when you're not on the field obviously but ... I think if I scored, I was going to (beat Jones).

"We got onto the 1-yard line, and they were like, 'We better call this run play.' I'm like, 'Greg, don't do it.' And he looked at me and he winked. And I was like 'Greg. It's not time to play. This is bigger than (winning in fantasy). Let's not do this.'"

Asked what the wink meant, MJD answered, "(Jones) wasn't going to block the guy!"

There is so much intrigue in that story: using equipment managers as personal sideline fantasy updaters (where do we apply for that job?); implied nefariousness; huddle-breaking mindsets; and a Moonlight Graham-esque wink.

Given Jones-Drew's wording, we'll assume Jones made the block and Jones-Drew scored the touchdown. It's folly to think any NFL player would sabotage his own teammates to win a fantasy football matchup.

UPDATE: Jones-Drew took to Twitter to end any hint of a controversy.

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