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Florida OG Jon Halapio knows how to finish blocks

Phil Sears / USA Today Sports
Florida OG Jon Halapio is one of the best finishers in the college ranks.

HOOVER, Ala. -- A couple of weeks ago, analyst and former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah had this to say about Florida Gators offensive lineman Jon Halapio:

That's a letter-perfect description of what offensive line coaches refer to as "finishers," meaning a lineman who can finish a block effectively with brute strength. Some linemen have the agility to reach their assigned defender, but can't always finish. Finishers aren't always quick enough to get to their man in the first place, and the greats can do both.

So when Halapio took the stage Tuesday at SEC Media Days, NFL Draft 365 asked him how well he fit Jeremiah's evaluation. The answer? In short, dead on.

"For me, personally, it's easier to put my hands on a guy and finish him. I love run blocking, I love going one on one with a guy," Halapio said. "I love going against the biggest, baddest D-tackles we see. That's why I love playing in the SEC."

Still, Halapio doesn't classify himself as a complete player. The fifth-year senior knows it's the first half of a good block, not the second, that will be required for him to have a successful pro career.

"The next step for me to improve as an offensive lineman is getting to that second level against quicker, faster guys like linebackers. Getting out on screens faster, going against quicker guys," Halapio added. "I go against (Dominique) Easley every day to get quicker on my feet."

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