Stephen Hill: New York Jets will go 'deep' in playoffs


Let's face it: Expectations are low for the New York Jets.

You might have to go all the way back to the team's pre-Bill Parcells gory days to find a time when Gang Green was perceived as such a playoff afterthought.

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But perception doesn't necessarily equal reality, of course. And not everyone believes the Jets will crash and burn. Case in point: Wide receiver Stephen Hill, who recently was asked by NFL Network if he believes the Jets will be a postseason team in 2013.

"Oh yes, definitely," Hill said. "We will be in the playoffs and deep in the playoffs."

Hill's comments are ripe for ridicule because -- let's face it -- the Jets have become a pretty big target in the Rex Ryan era. Our own Jamie Dukes has his fun with that in the video above.

But be careful to assume anything in the NFL's extended era of parity. Does anybody remember what the Colts did last season? The Jets themselves went from 1-15 to 9-7 after Parcells took over in 1997. Change happens fast.

Does that mean the Jets actually are primed for a surprise season, or that Hill was wise to share his rose-colored view of his team? Probably not, but Hill knows just as much as the rest of us.

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