Which NFL records could be broken in 2013?


On Tuesday's edition of NFL Network's "NFL Total Access," the cast debated which records could be broken during the 2013 season.

Here is our take on the issue, in descending order of records most likely to be broken.

1. Career game-winning drives -- 51, Dan Marino: Peyton Manning needs two to tie and three to break Marino's record. Manning has averaged 3.5 drives per season and now has one of the strongest receiving corps of his career with the addition of Wes Welker. The only question is if the Denver Broncos' stout defense will leave enough comeback opportunities.

2. Career non-offensive touchdowns -- 19, Deion Sanders: Devin Hester is sitting on 18 after being held out of the end zone last season. Is he past his prime at age 30? After a two-year drought from 2008 to 2009, Hester was downright dominant as recently as 2010 and 2011, totaling six return touchdowns and posting the two highest punt-return averages and the highest kickoff-return average of his career.

3. Single-season sacks -- 22.5, Michael Strahan: J.J. Watt came within two sacks of the record in his second season while playing with an elbow that had all of the ligaments torn. Aldon Smith (19) and Von Miller (18.5) weren't far behind. In an era when the record for pass attempts is broken on a semi-annual basis, there obviously are increased opportunities for sacks. My pick is Miller.

4. Single-season quarterback rushing yards -- 1,039, Michael Vick: Robert Griffin III might be superhuman, but he's not going to top last year's total of 815 yards on a freshly rebuilt knee. New Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula doesn't want Cam Newton leading his team in rushing again this season, which leaves Colin Kaepernick as Vick's biggest threat. Kaepernick already owns the single-game quarterback rushing record after gashing the Green Bay Packers' defense for 183 yards in the playoffs last season.

5. Single-season completion percentage -- 71.2, Drew Brees: Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan all have a shot at the record if things break right this season. If you believe Brees' record is safe, keep in mind that Alex Smith -- of all quarterbacks -- managed to come within one percentage point of the record in 10 games last year.

6. Single-season passing yards -- 5,476, Drew Brees: Matthew Stafford has averaged more than 5,000 yards the past two seasons, but that number isn't going to rise significantly with an improved Detroit Lions defense. The New Orleans Saints imported Rob Ryan to turn the defense around, but he's hamstrung by a dearth of edge rushers in his 3-4 scheme. With Jimmy Graham returning to full health and the potential for shootouts rising, Brees could make an assault on his own record.

7. Single-season yards per kickoff return -- 41.1, Travis "Roadrunner" Williams: When you read "Instant Replay" by Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap on the Green Bay Packers' 1967 season, it seems that Williams is bringing back a kick for a touchdown every game. If the Seattle Seahawks strategically limit Percy Harvin to a dozen or so returns, he could threaten Williams' mark. Harvin averaged 35.9 yards on 16 returns last season.

8. Single-season rushing yards -- 2,105, Eric Dickerson: Adrian Peterson came up 9 yards shy of the record last season. His talent dictates a spot on this list, but history weighs heavily against Peterson's chances. The previous six members of the 2K club have averaged 1,072 yards the year following their historic campaigns. Barry Sanders has the highest "next-year" total with 1,491 yards. Of course, those other six are human whereas Peterson is an alien sent to destroy opposing front sevens.

*Since Matthew Stafford only would extend his records for career pass attempts (41.4) and completions (24.8) per game, he's disqualified from the above list.

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