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Aaron Hernandez confronted by N.Y. Jets fan in May

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More Columns >'s Ian Rapoport on Thursday obtained a May incident report involving New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. According to the report, a New York Jets fan confronted Aaron Hernandez in Providence, R.I., and officers were called to disperse the gathering crowd. Hernandez was trying to walk away, the report stated, but the man kept taunting him.

While Hernandez was returning to his vehicle, an unknown man was seen dropping a gun under a vehicle.

The report didn't state whether the man seen discarding the gun, a .22 Jimenez, was in any way connected to Hernandez. reported Thursday that Michael E. Correia, a detective captain with Providence police, said officers didn't know the identity of the man who discarded the gun. Police also said they didn't know "which side of the altercation" the man was on, reported.

According to the incident report, Hernandez was taunted for three blocks near Thayer and Waterman streets in Providence on May 18.

Fearing a physical altercation might happen, police intervened and dispersed the "large crowd." They also kept people from following Hernandez to his vehicle, per the report.

During that time, an officer wrote in the report that he saw a man "discard a handgun under a vehicle" in front of Kartabar. The man left before police could talk to him.



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