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Best NFL postseason games of the last decade


The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat played in one of the most entertaining playoff hoops game in recent memory. That's coming from a guy who only caught the second half because Tsunami Sushi in Huntington Beach showed the U.S. Men's National Team playing in FIFA World Cup qualifying action on the TV screens. Not that anybody complained too hard, we're a Lakers town, after all.

So with that in mind, I figured it was apt to look at the best NFl playoff games of the last decade. That's right, last decade, so that means no "Tuck Rule" game. And if you think I forgot the game you were thinking of, I didn't. It was a good game. But we have to knock this down to the six best. Sorry, some cuts aren't always easy. But consider me the Turk because I'm the one willing to do this.

And without further ado ...

  • Seahawks over the Saints in 2010 playoffs

    This one will always rank high for me because everybody cried and complained as the Seahawks played host to the Saints despite Seattle's 7-9 record. But nobody seemed to mind the next year when the Giants played host to the Falcons, even though Atlanta had a better mark. This one registered on the Richter Scale.

  • Broncos over Steelers in 2011 playoffs

    Had to include this one because it seems like people forgot just how incredible Tim Tebow's run through the 2011 season truly was. An added bonus was the number of people still baffled by the NFL's overtime rules, who thought the Steelers were going to get another shot to score.

  • Super Bowl XXXVIII

    You know the script, Adam Vinatieri kicked the winner. But funny thing is, this game rarely is discussed among the best Super Bowls ever and it really was. If the typically reliable John Kasay can keep his final kickoff inbounds, we might have had an overtime Super Bowl.

  • Cardinals over Packers in 2009 playoffs

    Kurt Warner might have had the greatest passing performance in NFL history, this side of Phil Simms being perfect early in Super Bowl XXI. The cruel irony was that this game was settled with a defensive performance after the teams allowed seemingly 900 points.

  • Super Bowl XLII

    This game was kind of bittersweet because we didn't know whom to pull for. On one hand, you would have the Patriots going undefeated. And Boston fans didn't deserve that. On the other, New York wins. And New York fans didn't deserve that, either. But you can't argue with how great this game truly was.

  • Super Bowl XLIII

    Safe to say the world had rallied around the upstart Cardinals who seemed mere moments away from a win over the hated Steelers. But give Ben Roethlisberger credit, he made the throws when he needed to in this thriller. Might be the best game I've ever seen, forget just the past decade.


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