'NFL Total Access' recap: Tim Tebow's second day with Patriots

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Did you miss Wednesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Tebow's second day

Albert Breer reported that QB Tim Tebow took some snaps at New England Patriots minicamp Wednesday. Breer saw some of the previous issues Tebow has had. He is working with Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet off the field.

Mooch on Tebow

Steve Mariucci said Tebow isn't going to take snaps away from Brady or Mallet. Mooch says that no matter his role, Tebow is someone Belichick's opponents now have to plan for. Mooch doesn't believe Tebow will be a distraction saying Belichick will handle it differently than anyone has before and Tebow will fit in with the "Patriots' Way."

Big Ben recovering

Aditi Kinkhabwala said Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will be fine and was moving around well on the field Wednesday after undergoing knee surgery.

Sapp says Steelers are old

Warren Sapp said the Steelers are too old. Six of their starters are 32 or older including three of four in their secondary. Brett Kiesel turns 35 in September. Darren Sharper said the system is tested and will still work as they bring new guys in. Sapp said the Steelers' numbers always look better because they play in a division that isn't as strong offensively.

Will Tebow make the team?

Sapp said Tebow won't make the Pats' 53-man roster because he won't be better than a third-string QB. Sharper agreed, saying the Pats usually don't keep a third QB. Evans dissented and feels they'll find a place for him and he'll forge his spot.

Romo says media don't matter

Do reporters matter to NFL players? Sapp said the media can't be ignored. Sharper agreed and said the media can shape a player's image. Evans once again disagreed. He sided with Romo, and said the media's opinions don't matter in trying to win a ring.

Texans outlook

Evans said the Houston Texans will win the AFC South, but it's more about the Indinapolis Colts not being able to take the next step. Sapp agreed, saying they were playing with house money last year and that the Colts' defense won't compete. They had just 15 takeaways last season. Evans said getting Brian Cushing back only helps the Texans' defense.

AFC South offseason moves

Sharper said the best value among offseason additions for players in the AFC South is Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard, and then he went a step further and said Titans defensive coach Gregg Williams is the best value addition in the entire division. Sharper says Williams has improved the defense everywhere he's gone and will do it again.

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