Jay Cutler praises how Marc Trestman handles players


Marc Trestman is the first Chicago Bears coach in more than 40 years to have a primary background in offense.

Jay Cutler might not know the history of the franchise he plays for, but he understands how trading out Lovie Smith for Trestman can improve both his and the Bears' fortunes in 2013.

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In an exclusive sitdown with NFL Network's Stacey Dales, the Bears quarterback spoke candidly about his optimism with Trestman running the show in Chicago. If Cutler had to kick some dirt on the prior staff to get his point across, so be it.

"He really cares about the players in the locker room, which is different," Cutler told Dales.

"Offensively, he wants to protect the quarterback, which makes me happy to hear that."

Cutler has taken an absolute beating in recent years, which might explain the breakdown in his relationship with members of the prior regime. ProFootballFocus.com ranked the Bears' offensive line 30th in the NFL last season. The group ranked dead-last the year before that.

The Bears have made upgrades in personnel and will lean on plays that stress getting the ball out quickly to help take the pressure off the line. Cutler compared the new offense to his early years with the Denver Broncos.

"If we're able to give me a clean pocket, and I'm able to complete a throwing motion, I should complete it," he said. "I should be able to do my job."

"They'll do their job, and I'll do my job, and it's easy."

Will the lovefest between Cutler and the Bears coaches last? History tells us no, but the quarterback seems awfully content right now.

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