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Police search for third suspect in stabbing of Mike Adams

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With two suspects already apprehended in connection to the stabbing of Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Mike Adams, the search for a third man continues.

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Jerrell Whitlock, 26, is being sought by the Pennsylvania State Police and other agencies, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Hazelwood, Pa., man faces charges of attempted homicide, attempted robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault. The other two suspects are Michael Paranay, 25, and Dquay Means, 26, both from Hazelwood as well.

Adams was stabbed in the stomach around 3 a.m. Saturday after an alleged attempted car robbery. He suffered injuries to his colon and was released from the hospital Tuesday after undergoing surgery.

The 2012 second-round draft pick started just six games as a rookie, but he was set to be a full-time starter in 2013 following Max Starks' departure. Adams is expected to miss approximately six weeks of football activities while recovering from surgery.

(UPDATE: The Post-Gazette reported that Means appeared in the music video for Wiz Khalifa's hit song "Black and Yellow" and recently was signed to the rap star's fledgling music label under the stage name Quay Meanz.



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