Chip Kelly tired of discussing Eagles' depth chart at QB


Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly is tired of coming up with new ways to explain that Michael Vick and Nick Foles are "even" on the depth chart at quarterback. Kelly would like people to stop asking about it.

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According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Kelly asked reporters to stop asking about the depth chart on Tuesday after a day when Michael Vick took the first snaps of the day but otherwise split at usual with Foles. 

"You don't think about it at all," Foles said. "There's nothing behind it. ... You go out there when it's your time."

Kelly surely has opinions on how his new quarterbacks look, but he won't reveal how well each one has been playing. And he is imploring reporters to stop reading into which quarterback has the most first-team snaps. He mentioned that Dennis Dixon had a first-team snap Tuesday.

"Does that mean Dennis is the No. 1?" Kelly said. "No, just rotating in."

Kelly said the distribution of snaps doesn't mean anything, but it meant a lot to DeSean Jackson when he ran with backups early in the offseason. And it's not like Dixon and rookie Matt Barkley have received many first-team snaps. This is a two-quarterback race, but we won't truly get a good feel for the leader until training camp.

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