Jerry Jones: Cowboys' leaked draft board no big deal


Despite his organization's draft board being leaked out twice over the past four years, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't understand what all the hubbub is about.

"I'm a little hard-pressed to see where the issue is at all after the draft is over," Jones told reporters Tuesday, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "We don't put anything up there that's particularly sensitive. Those are the opinions and the work of our scouts. The fact that there might have been a player up there a round earlier or a round later than it is on a lot of other people's boards or opinion doesn't impact us."

Two times -- in 2010 and in the days following the 2013 NFL Draft -- our friends at pieced together the Cowboys' top-secret board via screenshots from the team's war room. The first time around, you chalk it up to some stellar Nancy Drew work. When it happens again (essentially because Jones positioned himself poorly during a TV interview) the finger-pointing is unavoidable.

Coach Jason Garrett, who didn't have much to say Tuesday about losing his play-calling duties, held his tongue on the draft-board blunder, too.

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"I didn't follow that story very closely," Garrett said. "Obviously, we have a draft process that we believe in. A draft board is part of that process. A lot of discussions are a part of that process, too -- the interpretation of that draft board, and then we make our best decision. So any comment beyond that is not something I want to get into."

Jones continued to shrug it off: "I don't see the negative aspect of that information," he said. "We won't make it a practice of publishing it, but still, I don't think it's an important detail."

Jones might not consider it important, but 31 other teams cling to their draft boards like Cold War secrets, and we doubt the rest of the people in the Cowboys organization are thrilled with their handiwork sitting out there -- to be picked apart and graded by everyone with access to the Interwebs.

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