Joe Flacco disagrees with his agent's Ravens comments


Joe Flacco's agent, Joe Linta, pulled no punches earlier this week, brazenly opining that the Baltimore Ravens were "dumb" for failing to meet the quarterback's contract demands last summer.

For his part, the Ravens quarterback wants no part of the gloating over his six-year, $120.6 million contract.

"Obviously I don't feel that way," Flacco told the Ravens' official website Wednesday. "I think he probably got a little excited about it."

Linta did try to clarify his comments Tuesday, explaining that he only was sticking up for Flacco against suggestions (real or imagined?) that the quarterback was greedy throughout the negotiating process.

"I like Joe's fire, and I like that he's trying to protect me in any way," Flacco said. "But in no way do I have those feelings toward the organization. I thought the whole time there was respect on both sides and there will continue to be."

Linta's comments have led some observers to speculate that Linta could face consequences in future negotiations, or even possiblly lose other Baltimore clients. In the end, this episode more likely will be much ado about nothing.

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