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Chip Kelly tight-lipped on Philadelphia Eagles' injuries

  • By Kevin Patra
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As Philadelphia Eagles players are getting used to the Chip Kelly era, media members are going through their own learning process.

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Unlike Andy Reid, who began each press conference with an injury overview, Kelly plays it close to the vest.

"I don't ask questions," Kelly said Tuesday when asked if injury-prone Kenny Phillips' absence from practice was a setback. "They just tell me who is going and who is not going."

Coming from college -- where he didn't have to discuss injuries -- it is clear that Kelly doesn't plan on divulging any information until he has to -- he doesn't have to yet, by the way.

The injury issues get convoluted when there are conflicting reports or when explanations from the team contradict each other, issues which the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McClain breaks down succinctly.

For the record,'s Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that Phillips' injury was not serious.

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Kelly isn't worried about divulging information, and he might be willing to let trainer Chris Peduzzi -- or even the players -- explain injuries.

"I don't know," he said. "I don't know what the protocol is. But I'm not a doctor, they just tell me who is practicing and who is not practicing."

As tight-lipped as Kelly might be, one thing is for sure, he's no Bill Belichick.

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