Justin Bieber irks Keyshawn Johnson, Eric Dickerson


We initially passed on the TMZ report of Keyshawn Johnson confronting pop star Justin Bieber under the well-worn principle of "What happens in the gated communities of Calabasas stays in the gated communities of Calabasas."

After all, Bieber is kind of the worst, and given what we know about him, it's hardly surprising he uses his expensive sports cars to terrorize otherwise tranquil upper-class neighborhoods.

But now that NFL Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson has entered the picture, it's time to address.


According to TMZ, Johnson had just left a party Sunday night when Bieber "zoomed by in his Ferrari at breakneck speeds." Johnson -- driving a Prius -- dropped off his child at home and went to confront Bieber. Johnson is said to have called police as well.

Bieber reportedly hid from Johnson when the former NFL wide receiver came to the front door. He might want to do the same thing if he sees Dickerson. Justin Bieber is the worst.

UPDATE: Hours later, Dickerson wasn't done telling Bieber to slow down.

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