Dez Bryant impresses Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys


A more focused and mature Dez Bryant revealed Tuesday that he has "found" himself and is comfortable with his life.

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Bryant's coach is on board with that self-assessment.

Two months after calling Bryant a "really, really good young man," Jason Garrett said Wednesday that the talented Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is "really, really a joy to coach."

Garrett's adverb torture might leave his Ivy League English 101 professor cringing, but it's still refreshing to see the encouraging feedback after Bryant was unfairly branded as a ne'er-do-well over his first three offseasons.

"He has such passion for the game," Garrett added, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "He loves it. He loves his teammates. He loves to play."

Now that Bryant has turned a corner in his career, Garrett puts the onus on the Cowboys' coaching staff to show him just how good he can be. Even after Bryant led all NFL receivers in touchdowns over the second half of the season, Garrett watches the tape and says, "Boy, you can play so much better. So much better."

If that happens, Bryant won't catch any more flak for setting his sights on the NFL's first 2,000-yard receiving season.

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