Ron Jaworski's AFL team throws hat in Tim Tebow ring


We've been hesitant to pass along every silly job offer involving Tim Tebow because most of them simply are for promotional opportunities. (Omaha Beef, anyone?) But Ron Jaworski's offer for an Arena Football League job is different.

Jaworski, a part-owner of the Philadelphia Soul, took the time to send Tebow a list of possible plays that they would use for him if he joined the team.

Where Tim Tebow plays next season is anyone's guess, so Gregg Rosenthal will keep you updated on everything until the QB signs a deal. More ...

"I haven't heard back from him and I'm not going to push it," Jaworksi told the Philadelphia Daily News on Monday. "If he decides he wants to play Arena Football, we'll make a spot for him."

It's not that crazy an idea. The Arena season no longer interferes with the NFL calendar. Jaworski, an accomplished former quarterback and football expert, adds credibility. But it's hard to imagine Tebow giving up on getting into an NFL camp at this stage.

"He would be forced to quicken it up in this league, and it would be good training for him," Jaworski said. "You can learn a lot in this league. It's about processing information and getting the ball out ... or you get whacked."

We've heard in recent days that the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots don't have interest in Tebow. Just about every logical team publicly has passed or denied interest off the record. We still think Tebow will be on an NFL roster come training camp, but it's far from a sure thing.

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