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Ryan Tannehill excited about Mike Wallace's speed

  • By Kevin Patra
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If Ryan Tannehill is going to be the NFL's most improved quarterback next season, as his offensive coordinator insists, he's going to have to lean on the new offensive toys general manager Jeff Ireland's provided him with.

So far, the quarterback likes what he's seen.

One anecdote The Miami Herald reported Sunday was a pass-catching session between the quarterback and new receiver Mike Wallace. Impressed with the receiver's speed, Tannehill told Wallace to ratchet it down to half speed.

"I am going half speed," Wallace responded, according to Tannehill.

"Everything I heard about him coming in has proved to be true -- he's as advertised," Tannehill said. "He's the fastest guy I've ever thrown to. It's exciting."

Tannehill also sang the praises of Brandon Gibson, the Dolphins' other new receiver. Tannehill relayed to the Herald that he's been meticulous in picking apart every snap he took in 2012, trying to improve.

The dynamic ability Tannehill showed as a rookie, coupled with his weapons to work with, make Tannehill a prime breakout candidate. Two big questions remain: Will the retooled offensive line keep him upright long enough for deep routes to develop, and will he become consistent enough to close out games?

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