Is Peyton Manning one of the least likely to win?

We recently debated the best quarterback to have if you needed to win only one game. And of course, I dominated the conversation as always with my selection of Joe Flacco because ... playoffs. I don't get how people get so out of their crust with this stuff, because it's a pretty easy case to make for Flacco based on the numbers.

But talking about the best isn't always my style. It's time to talk about the worst. As in the worst quarterback to have if you need to win only one game.

So let's look around the league, join the debate club and find the six quarterbacks least likely to succeed. But first, a couple of parameters.

He must be the presumed starting quarterback for 2013. Or at least at the start. So no Geno Smith or EJ Manuel. And he has to be current. So Dieter Brock is immediately eliminated.

And you know my feelings on Peyton Manning. But even with his shoddy playoff record, he's not going to make this list. Because no trolling. And before you run to the comment section to list Tony Romo, show me the same courtesy. Or so help me, Manning is going to the top of this list.


And without further ado ...

  • Mark Sanchez

    This is really tough for me. Sanchez led the Jets to a pair of AFC Championship Games. And he receives absolutely no coaching. But based on current performance, Sanchez has to make the list here, even though it gives me no pleasure.

  • Brandon Weeden

    There is a chance Weeden could come on this season. The Browns didn't draft a quarterback and they traded away Colt McCoy, so that is positive. But the team also signed Jason Campbell. So he's going to need to prove himself here to get off this list.

  • Jake Locker

    He'd be great if he lined up against the Detroit Lions every week. But you take his Week 3 performance against the Lions away and his already pedestrian 2012 season looks a little worse. And then you have questions about his health, too.

  • Matt Flynn

    If the one game is Week 17 against the Detroit Lions (I'm sensing a pattern here), then there is no doubt you want Flynn. But he failed to impress the Seahawks last year, despite his huge contract. A year with the Raiders might move him to No. 1.

  • Kevin Kolb

    Well, it's hard to win a game if he's sitting on the bench for you. And it's hard to call Kolb a reliable quarterback. Did you know he's never finished a game he started? All right, I'm kidding. The mere fact you thought I was serious for a second proves my point, though.

  • Blaine Gabbert

    Well the most telling thing about Gabbert is this; the best quarterback on the Jaguars right now is not Chad Henne, but rather a rookie who is being converted to running back, Denard Robinson. Oh Jacksonville.


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