Lions' 'Kickalicious' planning second trick-shot video


Havard Rugland recently was signed by the Detroit Lions largely on the strength of a trick-shot video that has accumulated more than four million hits on YouTube.

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Now the man known as "Kickalicious" is earning a cult following in Detroit. "It's kind of surreal," Rugland told the Detroit Free Press about his sudden rise to fame. "I appreciate it. Feel lucky to have this opportunity, and I'm going for it."

Despite his obvious kicking talent, Rugland still is a long shot to make the team this season. A left-footer like David Akers, Rugland primarily was signed to help develop a smooth transition between snap, hold and kick on field goals and extra points. In other words, he's a camp leg.

Rugland never had the NFL in mind when he created the YouTube clip, but he's still "pretty happy" to have the opportunity with the Lions.

Next on his list of goals? A second trick-shot video. Rugland won't say what he has in mind for the encore, but insists, "I'm not going to make a video that's not better."

Topping the original YouTube sensation might be a taller order than beating out Akers.

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