Dez Bryant: Tyrann Mathieu is best player in NFL draft


Dez Bryant is not an NFL general manager. But the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver does know a thing or two about being a prospect who is a lightning rod for attention. Bryant has an affinity for those kind of guys.

@Mathieu_Era, of course, is former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. (Perhaps Bryant is the one who made that party poster.) Dez apparently got some negative feedback on his evaluation.

Mathieu's talent level is up for debate. Yes, he's a "playmaker." But does he have the skill set to be a quality cover cornerback? His initial role should be in the slot as a nickel corner. That's essentially a starting position in the NFL.

Bryant is entitled to his opinion, but we don't think it's all off-field concerns that is moving Mathieu down the boards. Even if Mathieu had a "clean" resume, there's no guarantee he would be a first-round draft pick. Bryant, on the other hand, would have been a top-five pick if not for his red flags.

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