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Analysis: Denver Broncos' 2013 schedule

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Inside the Schedule

No NFL team has more juicy games than the Broncos. There's the revenge-game opener against the defending champion Ravens; Manning Bowl III in Week 2; a home game against former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan; Manning's return to Indy; and Manning-Brady in Week 12. Oh, and there's four AFC West matchups against recent John Fox coordinators: Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy. Also, four of Denver's final six games are on the road.
Key Game
Week 12 at Patriots
Peyton Manning is 37 years old. That's only one year younger than Charlie freaking Batch. The point: There are not going to be that many more Manning vs. Tom Brady matchups. Savor them. This is the game we thought would have decided last year's AFC Super Bowl representative. Perhaps it will this time.


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