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Analysis: New England Patriots' 2013 schedule

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Inside the Schedule

Being conference royalty has its perks. The Patriots have five prime-time games on their schedule, including can't-miss showdowns against the Falcons (Week 4), Broncos (Week 12) and Ravens (Week 16). Bill Belichick has to be looking at the season's first three games (at Bills, vs. Jets, vs. Buccaneers) and envisioning a 3-0 start. The Jets are off the schedule by Oct. 20, a sign of decline of that once-fierce rivalry.
Key Game
Week 16 vs. Ravens
Week 12 against the Broncos is beautiful football (Brady vs. Manning, Welker Bowl I!!!), but how can that Week 16 matchup against the Ravens not have huge playoff implications? And don't rule that game out as a prelude for another matchup between those two rivals in the playoffs. Remember, on their way to the Super Bowl, the Ravens beat the Pats in Foxborough.


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