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Analysis: Buffalo Bills' 2013 schedule

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Welcome to the big show, Doug Marrone. Your first assignment: outcoach Bill Belichick. The Bills open and close the season against the Patriots, which must feel like a vice grip around the other 14 games. The Bills are 1-4 all-time in their Toronto series, and in Week 12 they will "host" the mighty Atlanta Falcons at Rogers Centre. At least Psy won't be playing at halftime this year. Right, Canada?
Key Game
Week 5 at Browns
The Bills get only one prime-time game, and this is it. Depending how next week's NFL draft plays out, this also could be a showcase of two high-profile rookie quarterbacks. The Browns are part of a forgiving road schedule. Only one of the Bills' eight opponents had a winning record last year (Pats).


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