Jason Garrett remembers Pat Summerall


Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett interacted with legendary broadcaster Pat Summerall when Garrett was a player, and those conversations continued when Garrett took over the Cowboys.

On Tuesday, Garrett described himself as lucky to have gotten to know the man, and said he cherished those experiences.

Personally, Garrett shared the feelings of so many while reflecting on Summerall's passing.

"He was just a really good guy," Garrett told "A good, peaceful person. I think everybody would tell you that. Football players, coaches, everybody."

Summerall was in the booth for countless NFL teams, but he had a special connection to the Cowboys. He broadcast more Dallas games than anyone, and he had a house in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Garrett recalled that Summerall would often be found at Valley Ranch.

"He came over for Bible study and things like that in his later years," Garrett said.

As a former player, though, Garrett described the impact Summerall had on the players on the field.

"He made the game you were playing in feel important just because he was calling it," Garrett. "With his minimalist style - 'Smith. Right side. Touchdown.' You knew it was a big game if he was doing it. And that's something I'll always remember. Very sad. I'm fortunate to have known him."

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