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Not many differences between John Cena, Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow (despite a year of near obscurity) continues to be one of the most polarizing athletes in all of sports. He's one of those guys you always have an opinion about. In fact, I once saw a woman push another woman just for the mere mention of Tebow's name (true story).

But Tebow might have a kindred spirit in John Cena. The WWE's version of Tebow, Cena draws a derisive reaction every time his music hits. After the din of the cheers has faded, a very loud chorus of boos often accompany him to the ring. Just like I would imagine Tebow coming to the ring, too.

So with WrestleMania coming up on Sunday, I figured it would be time to take Tebow and Cena to the grid to see who will win the title for most derisive athlete going.

And without further ado ...

Player John Cena Tim Tebow Give it to ...
Height: 6-1 6-3 Tebow
Weight: 251 236 Cena
Hails from: West Newbury, Massachusetts Makati City, Philippines Tebow. What happened to the guys who were hailed from "parts unknown?"
Current job: Professional Wrestler Quarterback (sorta) Push
Overexposed? Yes Yes Push
Any chance of it getting worse? Yes, wait until he wins on Sunday Yes, wait until he ends up in Dallas Push. And yes, I recognize articles like this are part of the problem.
Is he technically proficient at his sport? No No Push. I'd say Cena is a little more proficient, but his flying shoulder block angers me more than it probably should.
Would he be a better fullback? Probably Well, the Jets did give it a shot Cena
Was he ever punched in the mouth by Brock Lesnar? Yes Unknown Tebow
Guy who took his job, or made him do the job: The Rock Peyton Manning Cena. Hey, at least the Rock went on to win a championship. Manning didn't even win a playoff game.
Does he defy all odds to win? Yes Yes Push. But seriously, Cena. You're a 10-time champion. You're like the Yankees claiming to be underdogs.
Most prized individual title:
Nine-time WWE champion

Heisman Trophy winner
Cena. One's a fake, made-up title nobody takes seriously. The other is the WWE title.
Biggest competition: The Rock Mark Sanchez Cena
Overbearing boss: Vince McMahon Rex Ryan Push
Does he wear jorts? Yes Probably Push. Tebow did go to Florida aka the jorts capital of the world, so it should be safe to assume.
Bad haircut? Yes Yes Yes
Signature move copied by others:
You can't see me

Cena. Seriously, Tebowing is so antiquated now.
Most embarrassing toss: Fans throw back his T-shirt on "RAW" Does all of them count? Wait, not his touchdown to Demaryius Thomas. But most of the rest of them. Cena
And never bring up: "The Marine" His playoff loss to the Patriots Cena
Merchandise claim:
"Rise Above Hate" T-shirt best seller for WWE

His jersey was at one time the No. 2 seller for the NFL
Fan base: Cenation Tebowmaniacs Nobody
Most of his fans are ... Children Children Push
But his biggest fan is: My wife My sister Push
Fan chant: "Let's go Cena ... Cena sucks!" "Let's go Tebow ... and take Sanchez with you!" Cena
Refuses to turn heel: Yes Yes Push. Both handle their haters the same way, with a smile -- which makes them more hated. But come on, a heel turn for both would be epic!
Often derided for: Dressing like a Fruity Pebble; being a good guy Being a good guy Tebow. I was going to make this a push, but Cena's old T-shirt looks too similar to Celtics' logo, so he's dinged here because his shirts are pandering.
Guy you should be cheering for: Daniel Bryan Mark Sanchez Push
Musical taste: Thuganomics Singing hymns on the sidelines Tebow
99 problems:
Kissed his best friend's girlfriend

Photographed with Sanchez's girl
How New York fans feel about him: MSG fans were among the first to turn on Cena. Can't wait to hear the boos at WrestleMania XXIX Meh Tebow


How is this possible, deadlocked again? But seriously, can both of these guys turn heel? If Cena turns heel on Sunday, it will rank up there with Hogan at Bash at the Beach.

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