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Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson?


It's Opening Day in Major League baseball. And still, the biggest news of the day is Matt Flynn going to the Raiders and Carson Palmer possibly going to the Cardinals!

But to some, Opening Day of baseball is still big. It is to me. The Angels open up this season in Cincinnati. Boy, I remember when my pappy would take me to Anaheim Stadium back in the day and we'd watch the Angels take on their heated rivals of Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and George Foster. Oh wait, that never happened. What happened to tradition, baseball?

And what happened to the two-way players? There have been a number of athletes who have excelled in the NFL and MLB. The two most notable guys are Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. There clearly is no debate. But who was superior? Well, there is only one way to settle this and that's to take them to the grid!

And without further ado ...

Player Deion Sanders Bo Jackson Give it to ...
Height/weight: 6-1, 198 6-1, 220 Push.
College: Florida State Auburn Push.
Team he was known for: Falcons Raiders Push.
Do you remember him playing for the: San Francisco Giants California Angels Jackson. Even most Angels fans are thrown off by my Jackson No. 22 jersey. It's pretty sweet, actually.
Nickname: Prime Time Bo Jackson. Seriously, Bo was not his original name. So that has to win, right?
Best commercial: This Pizza Hut ad Bo Knows Jackson. Is there any doubt Wayne Gretzky makes that video, either?
40 time: 4.27 4.12 Jackson. Sure, Jackson's time was unofficial, but would you bet against it? Me either. Maybe we should give this to Deion.
Where he avoided contact: On defense In the batter's box Sanders
Originally drafted (NFL): Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers Push
Originally drafted (MLB): Kanas City Royals Kansas City Royals Push
Could have been teammates with: Bo Jackson with the Royals Steve Young with the Buccaneers Jackson. I like the idea of a super outfield with Sanders and Jackson. But can you imagine an early Bucs dynasty with Young and Jackson?
Highlight reel (NFL): This This Sanders
Highlight reel (MLB): The Triple '89 All-Star Game bomb Jackson. Side note, I was there.
Highlight reel (video game): Had his own game for Sega Genesis Owned Super Tecmo Bowl and then there's this. Jackson
Completely ruined:
Tim McCarver

Brian Bosworth
Modern day versions: Leon Sandcastle Adrian Peterson Sanders


Bo Jackson wins it. I mean, he was an Angel so that was obvious, right?

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