Bills, Raiders, Cardinals show little faith in QB class


It didn't take long to find out what this year's quarterback-needy teams really feel about this year's passing prospects.

One by one, the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals have shown their hands, pushing for veteran help under center -- almost desperately -- as next month's NFL Draft approaches.

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1. The Bills have handed Kevin Kolb a two-year contract worth $12 million to $13 million,'s Ian Rapoport reports. Nothing new for a guy who's already netted roughly $35 million in just 21 starts over six seasons. That includes $21 million-plus for 14 uneven performances with the Arizona Cardinals. His newest contract suggests the Bills see Kolb as their starter over Tarvaris Jackson and whoever else they bring into the fold. The Bills -- sitting pretty at No. 8 -- might add an arm in the draft, but you don't pay Kolb that money to sit.

2. The Raiders -- with the third overall pick and Carson Palmer on the outs -- think little enough of Terrelle Pryor and his single NFL start to enter into trade talks with the Seattle Seahawks for the rights to Matt Flynn, who, like Kolb, has accomplished little in the NFL. Flynn's two career starts were head-turning, but we know nothing about him as a leading man. Still, the Raiders are willing to part with draft picks to make him their guy. Sound like a team about to take Geno Smith at No. 3? Or have the Raiders become convinced the Jaguars will roll the dice on Smith at No. 2?

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3. The Cardinals are a beguiling piece of the puzzle. Weeks after dumping Kolb, reports have them buzzing around Palmer, who the Raiders have essentially given up on. Logic states that if any of the teams mentioned here have dumped a quarterback, the others shouldn't even whisper his name, but that's exactly what's happening.

Understandably, fans of these teams are melting, because taking on another squad's pounding headache rarely works.

Last year, the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins coasted into the draft with confidence. Their shining knights -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III -- stood waiting.

No such luck this year, and the Bills, Raiders and Cardinals have telegraphed -- loud and clear -- what NFL teams think of this draft class at the quarterback position.

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