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Chris Clemons: What's intent of gay player coming out?


The topic of a gay player in the NFL again grabbed headlines this week when's Mike Freeman reported that someone is considering to publicly come out. Most wonder how teammates and fans would react and if the player's career would be affected.

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Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons had a different take, according to (Before we go on, understand Clemons has no problem with a gay player or having a homosexual teammate.)

"Who on Gods earth is this person saying he's coming out of the closet in the NFL?" Clemons tweeted.

"If you didn't do it when you were in high school or college then why wait til your in the NFL? Whoever he is he didn't just start," Clemons said in another post.

Clemons is basically questioning the reasoning behind the announcement, whether it's to end the secrecy or perhaps a publicity stunt.

"I'm not against anyone but I think it's a selfish act. They just trying to make themselves bigger than the team," Clemons said.

(Clemons' second and third tweets were in response to questions asked by followers.)

Whenever a player publicly comes out, soon or well in the future, it will be a national story. That team's locker room will be flooded with reporters from around the country -- many who don't cover sports. Teammates, coaches and front-office personnel will be questioned ad nauseam. The scenario transcends the NFL.

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There will be some ugly backlash, and it will take a brave soul to come out.

The benefits outweigh any inconvenience to an individual team or teammates. The announcement will change lives for many who are afraid to be themselves. It's simply bigger than the game. And that's an important step to the subject not being a big deal at all.

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