Connor Barwin thanks Gabbert, cleaning lady, more


When a well-regarded player leaves for greener pastures in free agency, it's become a rite of passage for the player to take out an ad in the local newspaper thanking the team, city and fans.

In terms of cost-efficient goodwill gestures, it's a pretty tough move to beat.

When linebacker Connor Barwin left the Houston Texans for the Philadelphia Eagles this month, he decided to put a fresh twist on a familiar idea. Barwin says goodbye to a whole bunch of people in tier form, ostensibly in order of importance.

It reads like a Coachella poster, with poor Shaun Cody playing the part of a Sugar Ray side project.

Have a look:

Some takeaways:

» Best shoutouts to inanimate object: Bread, cheesecake.

» Best cold-blooded shout-out: Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who Barwin sacked four times in a game in 2011.

» Best shoutout to food-related area employee: Timothy the Popcorn Guy, My Delivery Guy Tim from Bombay Pizza.

» Best shoutout to a someone who deserves it: My Cleaning Lady Vilma.

» Best shoutout to a (presumed) drinking buddy: Mohawk Steve.

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