NFL Bracketology: Greatest play voting hits Sweet 16


We're down to the Sweet 16. No, not that other tournament. The most important bracket you will fill out all month obviously is's quest to determine the greatest play in NFL history.

Our own version of "Bracketology" continues to include some big upsets. Troy Polamalu's flying tackle against the Tennessee Titans is our version of Florida Gulf Coast University. Both No. 15 seeds have survived and advanced (proving Pennsylvania is a key voting bloc once again -- the Steelers have four plays in the final 16). Deion Sanders' punt return against the St. Louis Rams is our version of Oregon, a No. 12 seed making a deep run.

Vote for the greatest play in NFL history: has picked the 64 best plays ever, and over the next three weeks we are asking fans to cast their votes for the best. Vote now!

All four No. 1 seeds remain alive: The Catch, The Helmet Catch, The Music City Miracle and The Immaculate Reception. Nicknames do well. So does Barry Sanders: He has two plays that advanced and has a chance to take out David Tyree's famous play in the next round.

I have to give credit to our voters for not ignoring historic plays in favor of recent moments. DeSean Jackson's walk-off punt return for the Philadelphia Eagles against the New York Giants surprisingly remains alive, but that was awesome. "Only" five moments from the last 10 years still are going; I'm shocked none of the plays from Super Bowl XLIII (Steelers-Arizona Cardinals) made it this far.

Two recent plays face off in my favorite matchup of the round: Marshawn Lynch's earth-shaking run against the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs and Polamalu's sweet one-handed interception versus the San Diego Chargers in the snow. My vote is with Lynch. You can vote right here.

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