Matt Hasselbeck shocked by Tennessee Titans' release

  • By Kenny Legan
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More than a week after being released from the Tennessee Titans while in the Bahamas, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is trying to process the news.

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"I'm still in shock a little bit," Hasselbeck said Tuesday, according to The Tennessean. "It happened so fast."

While Hasselbeck wasted no time finding a new team -- he signed a two-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts later that night -- it's clear he hasn't moved fully on with separating the close bonds he forged in Tennessee.

"I thought it was a possibility, but when I left for vacation, I definitely didn't think I would come back as not a member of the Titans," Hasselbeck said.

" ... It just feels weird to not be a member of the family anymore. And I just had a lot of pride for putting the foundation for (head coach Mike) Munchak's first year, and now not to be a part of it, it is disappointing more than anything else."

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Hasselbeck added there's no ill will toward the Titans. The thing that still puzzles him is the two-year, $6.5 million contract the team gave to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

"The only 'hmmm' thing I ever had really is when Fitzpatrick's deal, hours later, was a half-million more than I was ever offered," Hasselbeck said. "Maybe that just meant they had more wiggle room and we never got to that point, I don't know."

Despite that, Hasselbeck went on to praise Fitzpatrick and the value he will bring to the Titans.

Hasselbeck has moved on with the Colts, but it seems he will always have a special spot for the Titans and the city of Nashville, where he's indicated he might relocate after he retires.

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