Maurice Jones-Drew mad about jabs at Blaine Gabbert


One former Jacksonville Jaguars assistant coach recently told Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver that quarterback Blaine Gabbert is known as "Blame" Gabbert at the team's facility because "nothing is ever his fault."

The same unnamed source also pointed to internal knocks on Gabbert's leadership, attitude and accountability.

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That criticism has Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew seething.

"OK, I'm going to hit this target," Jones-Drew Told the Florida Times-Union. "For that coach to come out and say that, that's not what a man should do. You have a problem, tell it to his face. You don't air somebody out after you're gone. That happens too much in this league. It just (ticks) me off that people talk about the guy like that."

Although Gabbert has gone just 5-19 as a starter, Jones-Drew points to a shaky supporting cast and three different play-callers in two seasons as the primary causes of the quarterback's struggles.

"I don't understand how a guy can perform at a consistent level when there's no consistency in his (professional) life," Jones-Drew added.

Jones-Drew believes Gabbert needs two seasons with the same coaching staff before Gabbert can be written off as a draft bust. New Jaguars general manager David Caldwell apparently agrees, suggesting the organization needs to build around the 2011 first-round pick.

Unless Gabbert makes major strides in pocket presence and accuracy, those will be two more wasted years in Jacksonville.

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