Jim Schwartz's son furious over Detroit Lions' season


It wasn't an easy winter in the Schwartz household, where young Christian Schwartz gave his father, Jim, the silent treatment after the Detroit Lions sputtered to 4-12 last season.

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"Nobody is happy," Coach Schwartz told MLive.com's Anwar S. Richardson at this week's NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix. "My kids are just starting to talk to me again. My son (has) a lot of Lions posters and sweatshirts and hats. They weren't happy with 4-12, either. Believe me, nobody was, and we all want to get that taste out of our mouth."

Schwartz confirmed he wasn't telling tales about Christian, who was genuinely fumed.

"That wasn't a joke. He was mad," Schwartz said. "If you see his room, he's got Lions helmets and jerseys. It's not because he's my son. It's because he's a big Lions fan. If I worked down at the Rogue (a local automotive plant), he'd still have all that same stuff. He's a fan ... I imagine that you walk into the Rogue on Monday morning after a Lions loss, nobody is in a good mood. Nobody is in a good mood over in Allen Park, either."

Schwartz and the Lions were a striking disappointment in 2012 after finishing 10-6 and making the playoffs in 2011. More focus is needed this time around to endure the rugged NFC North ... and keep everyone on speaking terms inside the Schwartz house.

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