Marshall Faulk tweets rules-change proposal is a 'joke'


The opponents are lining up against the new NFL rules proposal that makes it illegal for a runner to lead with the crown of his helmet when outside of the tackle box. Unsurprisingly, the biggest outcry is coming from running backs.

The latest: NFL Network analyst and Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.

"A RB can't lead with his helmet. A lot of chins are about to get busted," Faulk wrote on Twitter on Monday. "The chop block is illegal but a RB can have a defender on his back and get hit in the knees."

Of all the rule proposals that will be voted on this week at the NFL Annual Meeting, this rule figured to be the most controversial. Matt Forte, Emmitt Smith and plenty of defenders already have spoken out against the concept.

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The NFL is trying to "take the head out of the game" and eliminate concussions wherever possible, but this figures to be a tough rule to enforce. How you do determine whether it was incidental contact with the helmet or whether a runner is using the helmet as a weapon?

"We are going to say that you can't make that choice ducking your head and delivering a blow, a forcible blow, with the top crown of your helmet. We are trying to protect the runner or the tackler from himself in that instance," said Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL Competition Committee.

Many of the rules proposals, like finally fixing the "Tuck Rule," should pass easily. Don't be surprised if this running back/helmet rule struggles to make it through.

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