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Matt Forte rips NFL committee's proposed rule change


The NFL Competition Committee has proposed a rule to make it illegal for a runner to lead with the crown of his helmet when outside of the tackle box. The rule comes under the safety umbrella of trying to keep all players from initiating contact with the helmet -- a practice already outlawed for defenders.

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte took to Twitter to blast the proposal.

"In order to lower ur shoulder u obviously have to lower ur head. It's a way of protecting ur self from a tackler and a way to break tackles," Forte wrote in a second tweet.

"U can't change the instinctive nature of running the football," Forte typed.

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The "Tuck Rule" has been the most talked about, but that voting should be fairly simple. The same goes for the "Jim Schwartz Rule." But this one might fundamentally change how players run with the ball. Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith warned of the dangers that come from running with your head up and chin exposed.

We know what happens when the league introduces legislation in the name of safety. Rules often are changed. I just can't see how a player can keep from dipping his head with a defender coming in full speed. That seems to present a different danger in itself. That's what Forte, Smith and others are concerned about.

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