Von Miller: Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl


Denver's season ended in heartache, but Broncos pass rusher Von Miller is promising the next campaign will offer no such disappointment.

Miller on Tuesday guaranteed that Denver would prevail in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Miller's confidence comes from the heart. He's dedicating next season to his 6-year-old cousin, Jeremiah, who was severely injured in an automobile accident in West Texas, The Denver Post reported. When Jeremiah recently woke from a coma, Miller went on record with his guarantee, and he's not backing down.

"I fully believe in the Broncos winning the Super Bowl and am fully committed to it," Miller told The Post on Tuesday. "(Support for Jeremiah) was the whole feeling behind this guarantee. It wasn't because I felt all cocky. This is bigger than me. This is all about my little cousin coming back from a serious accident."

We've been treated to plenty of dunderheaded guarantees from teams, players and coaches who have no business making promises of any type. Miller is beating a different drum, and the Broncos are certain to embrace the challenge.

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