Jared Cook will be tagged by Tennessee Titans as TE

As NFL.com's Ian Rapoport detailed Friday, Tennesee Titans tight end Jared Cook will challenge the tight end designation, instead wanting to be paid wide receiver-type money.

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This will be a $4.5 million fight, as Cook wants to be considered a wide receiver under the franchise tag. Receivers get a year at $10.537 million, while the contract number for tight ends is $6.066 million. Cook and the NFLPA reportedly are ready with percentages of where he lines up and his duties in packages. Cook lined up in the slot on 56 percent of his 485 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus, via The Tennessean. How often Cook has his hand on the ground is one measurement, and we'll see if they argue his blocking responsibilities are that of a receiver.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement specifies "that the tender will apply to the position in which the player participated in the most plays."

On Sunday, one Titans writer opined that he thinks the team will place the tight end franchise tag on Cook on Monday.

The influx of versatile tight ends will pay close attention to how this plays out as it could set a precedent. Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley was ready for the same challenge last year before he signed a two-year deal.

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