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Better future: Tyrann Mathieu or Manti Te'o


The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine you might say lacked a bit of the sizzle from a year ago. While the NFL world buzzed about Andrew Luck and RG3 last year, there wasn't a marquee player who really piqued the interest of NFL fans this year. At least not for the on-the-field stuff.

The two guys everybody wanted to talk about this year were cornerback Tyrann Mathieu and Manti Te'o. But for more dubious reasons. The two troubled players had some redemption stories to write, and both grabbed the spotlight.

But who walked away the winner and who has the brightest future? Well there is really only one fair way to settle this and that's to take them to the grid!

And without further ado ...

Player Tyrann Mathieu Manti Te'o Give it to ...
Height/weight: 5-9, 186 6-1, 241 Te'o. Mathieu is going to face a lot of a questions about his height, even though he seems rather confident he can cover Calvin Johnson. You know what, I like the swagger, swing this back to Mathieu.
College: LSU Notre Dame Mathieu
Animal he'd like to distance himself from: Honey Badger Catfish Te'o
Would like people to forget: Rules violations at LSU Well, you know Te'o. Hey, we've all received mixed signals from girls. Even if those girls, you know, didn't exist. Besides, they don't wake you up at 4 a.m. to test you about your online friends. Though, it's not a terrible idea.
Distinguishing feature and it's Hollywood counterpart:
Blonde hair like Wesley Snipes/Dennis Rodman

Tribal tattoo that reminds me of the Rock
Te'o. Dude, that thing is going to be pretty sweet.
Excelled in: The 40 Press conference Te'o. He set a record for most media members in attendance, according to Gil Brandt, who said he even exceeded Tim Tebow. Of course, the media member estimation is still unofficial.
What was that 40 time: 4.50 4.82 Mathieu. He did a pretty good job making his case with his 40-time. A slower time would have likely doomed him.
Was he clowned by John Harbaugh for his 40-time? No Yes Mathieu. Now the "John Harbaugh is not impressed" will become the internet meme of the 2013 NFL offseason.
Was he clowned by LeBron James for his 40-time? No Yes Te'o. Hey, at least they aren't talking about, you know. That's progress. Although I do agree with Dan Hanzus' assessment James' 40-time is disputable at best. A 4.6? Really?
On-field nemsis: Alabama Alabama Push
Projected round: Fourth-round Sliding out of the first Mathieu. He's going to end up being a better draft value.
NFL comparison: Cortland Finnegan DeMeco Ryans Push
Would be a perfect fit for: Detroit Lions Baltimore Ravens Push. Push. We are all thinking Lions for Mathieu, so don't act all indigent. But the Ravens might be a good spot for Mathieu, too. In fact, the Ravens are the perfect spot for everybody.
Bottom line, did they help themselves as the combine: Yes No Mathieu. Scouts raved about Mathieu. Deion said he was 'all that and a bag of chips.' Te'o is going to need a huge improvement in his Notre Dame Pro Day.


Mathieu not only wins the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, he takes this battle, too.

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