Report: Kansas City Chiefs told Nick Foles unavailable


INDIANAPOLIS -- The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles both insisted Thursday that a trade involving quarterback Nick Foles was unlikely. Eagles coach Chip Kelly said that he wanted to coach Foles, and Chiefs coach Andy Reid believed the Eagles liked Foles too much to deal him.

Behind the scenes, the Chiefs at least wanted to find out how serious the Eagles were about their Foles fever.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reported Saturday that the two teams spoke this week about Foles, but no progress was made toward a deal. The conversation took place after Reid publicly said Foles was "not available."

It appears Reid is right. The Eagles reiterated to the Chiefs that Foles was not available at this time. That possibly could change in the coming weeks with the league year starting March 12. Either the Eagles are trying to gain leverage and not show their hand or they actually mean what they say.

Our guess: Foles unlikely will go anywhere.

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