Raiders' QB quandary: Carson Palmer, Terrelle Pryor or neither?

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The Oakland Raiders have some decisions to make at the game's most important position. Starting quarterback Carson Palmer is scheduled to make $13 million in the 2013 campaign, an extremely high number for a player on the downside of his career. If you were in the shoes of general manager Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen, would you cut Palmer, renegotiate his deal, hand the keys to backup Terrelle Pryor or go after a QB in free agency or the draft?

  • Adam Schein
  • Cut the cord on Palmer and make a trade for Flynn

    Carson Palmer isn't worth $3 million, let alone $13 million. He's a turnover machine on the downside of his career. I wouldn't even renegotiate. I would simply cut the cord. He represents an ill-conceived, foolish, failed attempt by former coach Hue Jackson to keep his job while tossing away precious draft picks. Carson Palmer is shot.

    I think Reggie McKenzie should trade for Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn. They were together in Green Bay. The compensation won't be too much. He will compete with Pryor -- and beat him out.

    I like Geno Smith more than most, but he isn't the third-best player in the draft. With so many needs, I wouldn't address the quarterback position in Round 1. On the other hand, picking Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater next year ...
  • Charley Casserly
  • Palmer remains the best option for Oakland

    I would renegotiate Carson Palmer's contract and keep him under center. I still think he can be effective. I was never sold on Terrelle Pryor, and I don't know who the Raiders could bring in as a better option.

    If Palmer hits the open market, he will have suitors. Put him in Kansas City and the Chiefs become an immediate playoff contender.
  • Jason Smith
  • Time for a complete makeover at the game's most important position

    It's obvious Carson Palmer is on the downside of his career, and he's not going to be around for the eventual (hopeful) rebirth of the Raiders. He's still good, but he's not what he was. I'm never a big fan of postponing the future; when it's time to move on, it's time to move on. Not next year, but now.

    If I'm Oakland, here's what I do this season: Everything suggested by this question. I embark on an Extreme Quarterback Makeover. I even bring in Ty Pennington to help, bullhorn and all. I give a ton of reps to Terrelle Pryor and go into the season with him as my No. 1 QB. In free agency, I pursue a veteran who can play if he has to. Granted, it's going to be someone like Chase Daniel or Tyler Thigpen, but you can only sign whoever's out there. Then I go into the draft and come out with a potential QB of the future. I'm not spending a high pick on the position, because the Raiders have too many needs and there will be a few players available outside of the first couple rounds who might turn into something. It could be EJ Manuel, it could be Landry Jones.

    If I could accomplish all of that, I'd be very happy.
  • Adam Rank
  • Raiders must look to the future: Give Pryor a shot and draft a QB

    How about a combination of all of the above? The Raiders really need to make a move for the future of the franchise, and it's Terrelle Pryor, not Carson Palmer.

    The Raiders need to renegotiate Palmer's deal immediately. His cap number is far too high for a guy on the backside of his career. If Palmer declines, wish him well in his future endeavors and tell him to enjoy watching Raiders games from Wahoo's Fish Tacos in San Clemente, Calif., this season, because he won't be on the team. Even if Palmer agrees to restructure his deal, he should compete for the starting gig with Pryor. I'm not ready to say Pryor is the savior of the Raiders franchise, but he should be afforded every opportunity to prove himself.

    As added insurance, the Raiders should look for a quarterback in the middle rounds of the draft. The Raiders have a lot of needs in the draft (thanks to the Palmer trade), but if a player like Tyler Bray, Ryan Nassib or Matt Scott is available in the fourth round or so, the team should take a flier in case Pryor doesn't work out.


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