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Percy Harvin won't discuss Vikings trade rumors

  • By Kevin Patra
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Pretend for a moment you are a sports reporter for a Minnesota-based newspaper. You are sent to cover the Minnesota Twins' spring training in Florida and have some free time. What would you do?

Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press decided to trek three hours north to the home of Percy Harvin to ask the Vikings' wide receiver about the trade rumors he's involved in.

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"I got nothing to say about any of that," Harvin said as Murphy approached him outside his home.

Harvin has been rehabbing the injured ankle that ended his season in Week 9 at a clinic at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Harvin did not walk with a noticeable limp, according to Murphy.

Last week Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said the team had "no intent" to trade Harvin.

Regardless of what the player and GM will or won't say, the trade rumors aren't going away. With Harvin reportedly asking for a new contract at $10 million per season, the disgruntled star player could see a few more Minnesota-based reporters outside his home this spring until he does have something to say about the situation.

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