Larry Foote: Woodley rip could've come from a coach


Don't hold your breath waiting to find out which Pittsburgh Steelers player said linebacker LaMarr Woodley was "awful" this season. In the place of truth, you might have to settle for a healthy dollop of speculation.

Safety Ryan Clark said Monday on the "Dave Dameshek Football Program" that the anonymous source could be an upset member of the defense. On Tuesday, veteran linebacker Larry Foote suggested the source came from somewhere else in the building.

"We just laughed about it. Just doing some brainstorming, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the coaches put that out there and put that rumor out there. I don't see nobody on the team saying that," Foote told KDKA-FM. "Maybe somebody did it to motivate him. I've seen the injuries he had. He had a hamstring, you can blame that on conditioning or whatever, but he had an ankle injury when a guy fell on his ankle. So, he just got bad luck last year."

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Foote's thought about the coaching staff might have been a bit tongue-in-cheek, but he was more serious when told of comments by Clark, who said the story showed a fracture in the locker room.

"If a player did truly say that, yeah, that's something new," said Foote, a fourth-round choice of the Steelers in 2002. "Since I've been with the Steelers, we don't play the stuff in the media. You look around the league you see teams taking shots at each other. We don't do that in Pittsburgh.

"That was the way it was before I got there, and I've just been following suit. I'd be very surprised if a guy really said that about Woodley. Even if you did felt that way, you should never discuss that in the media. That's just breaking down, like you said, the foundation."

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