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Double Coverage: USC busts could hurt Matt Barkley in draft

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Mark Sanchez bombed last season. Matt Leinart might never start again. Carson Palmer's best days appear to be behind him.

Could the unreached potential of the one-time USC stars negatively impact USC QB draft prospect Matt Barkley?

It's not a "measurable." It's not the kind of evidence that can be quantified. It's anecdotal. But just the same, it's inevitable. Just as USC QBs were overvalued, this one will now be undervalued.

Agreed. Barkley's medical (shoulder) is a big issue. If he heals well, he could end up being a sleeper in the draft.

It doesn't help that he's coming off an injury or that, even before he was hurt, he had fallen off. He threw 15 picks as a senior. That's almost twice as many as Leinart, and five more than Sanchez.

Different circumstances but they can’t be overlooked. I spoke to NFL personnel guys who still think Barkley's chances of success are better, due to his mental makeup.

Barkley may be mentally tougher, but he's not throwing at the combine. He was 36 TDs against 15 picks as a senior. Sanchez? 34 TDs versus 10 picks his senior year.

You know how that one turned out. Then again, maybe the Jets will draft Barkley. Goodnight.

Doesn't matter if he throws at the Combine. A ton of QBs didn't, like RG3. Having played a senior year also is more attractive to NFL scouts because it's a year of on-and-off field maturity. 

I don't know if Barkley will be a star but some NFL types think there's a chance.



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