Dallas Cowboys roll out new bus: 'The Elegant Lady'


I started noticing the Dallas Cowboys' bus about six years ago when I began attending the Super Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine every season. It was a source of mystery: Wait, that's Jerry Jones' bus? They bring that everywhere?

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I soon realized this was hardly some secret. Fans flock to the bus. Media members and former players alike have plenty of stories about it.

"Oh, I heard that on the Cowboys' bus," is not an uncommon phrase. It's a place to do business. (Or perhaps pleasure.)

At this year's combine, I can take a look at the brand new Dallas Cowboys' bus. It's titled "The Elegant Lady."

Of course it is.

The old bus remains in circulation somewhere, feeling as neglected as Felix Jones.

The Dallas Morning News estimates "The Elegant Lady" cost somewhere between $1.5-$2.5 million. It has a photo layout that reminds me of "MTV Cribs," but for buses. There are even Tiffany crystals and marble counters.

You know, just like George Halas used to roll in.

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