Double Coverage: Are Pittsburgh Steelers unraveling?

An anonymous Steeler was quoted as saying that LaMarr Woodley was "awful" last season. Does that show an unraveling with the Steelers?

The unglue-ing process, if you will, has already begun. Let's not pretend that things are copacetic in the Steel City.

Ryan Clark said that somebody criticizing a teammate to the media proves there is a fracture in the Steelers' fabric -- which is unheard of.

We know they have problems at running back, what with Rashard Mendenhall electing to not attend a home game.

You're right there, but the issue now seems to be character. Coach Mike Tomlin needs to reset the "Steeler Way" and make all of the players understand.

Woodley supposed to be a cornerstone of that defense. He's supposed to be the future. The idea that his work ethic is being questioned does not bode well.

Woodley is going to be stung by this. If his teammate is right or wrong, he'll work hard to prove himself so this could have a positive impact.