Rob Gronkowski: Your Oscars red carpet correspondent


Some ideas are too perfect not to work.

Rob Gronkowski is a star tight end for the New England Patriots whose only apologies for partying come via novelty T-shirts. The Academy Awards are unquestionably Hollywood's biggest and most prestigious event. Gronk and the Oscars have absolutely nothing to do with each other. This is why they must join as one.

Gronkowski will be in Los Angeles a week from Sunday to serve as the Oscars red carpet correspondent for the "Rich Eisen Podcast." This is a good thing.

Gronk follows in the footsteps of Hines Ward, who handled correspondent duties for Eisen last year. Ward was a nice, logical choice. He played a zombie on "The Walking Dead." He willfully participated in "Dancing With The Stars." There was connective tissue to be found.

This is decidedly less so with Gronk. Sure, we'll look forward to the All-Pro talking football with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and any other Boston-bred dignitary who rolls over to pay respects. But what we're really looking forward to are the people whose first thought will be, "Who is this large, agile man approaching me?"

Possibilities: Gronk discussing legacy with Dame Judi Dench. Gronk failing to connect with Tommy Lee Jones. Gronk trading Lincoln research with Daniel Day-Lewis.

It's all in play, people. And we'll be there to document it.

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