Eagles reportedly want high draft pick for Nick Foles


If new Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid has designs on reuniting with Nick Foles, he's going to have to knock the socks off of the Philadelphia Eagles with a big-time offer.

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NFL sources tell The Associated Press that the Eagles have yet to discuss trading Foles and would require a first- or second-round pick to even consider it. The Philadelphia Daily News offers a similar report from its own source, maintaining that not only is the team not looking to deal Foles, but that they want to keep him.

Savvy readers may ask how the Eagles could set the price at an early-round pick if the front office has yet to even volley the idea of a Foles trade. It doesn't compute.

A more likely scenario is that the team's brass has taken note of Reid's interest and has set the asking price accordingly high. It's standard operating procedure for the Eagles, who originally set the price on Donovan McNabb at a pair of first-rounders in 2010 before settling for two lesser picks.

If Reid truly believes Foles is the quarterback solution in Kansas City, he should be willing to part with a second-round pick. The question is whether Reid's conviction is considerably stronger on Foles than other options such as Alex Smith or Matt Flynn.

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