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Raiders OC Greg Olson focused on Darren McFadden's success


Greg Knapp's zone-blocking scheme was a bust in Oakland. It turned Darren McFadden, one of the NFL's top runners, into just another back.

Someone tell the Black Hole that Greg Olson is here to save the day. He hopes so, at least.

"I'm not naive enough to believe it's all Greg Knapp's fault," said Olson, The Oakland Tribune reported. "Certainly there are some things I hope I can bring to the table that will allow us to have success."

The Raiders fired Knapp after one season in which McFadden ran for a career-low 3.3 yards per carry. The line didn't block well in the new system and McFadden didn't attack the line of scrimmage as he has in the past. The whole operation was out of whack.

They're lacking playmakers in Oakland, so the last thing Olson wants to do is make his best player less effective. The line will return to a power scheme in 2013.

"Coming in a year ago, they made a switch to a zone system," Olson said. "I don't know if you ever want to pigeonhole yourself that way and say, 'That's what we do.' You may not be able to do that based on the players you have.

"Maybe a year ago, they weren't sure about that zone scheme. Now, after a year of having to look at it, maybe he is a downhill runner. So we'll get back to some of the gap schemes and things he does well."

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